Who We Serve

Individuals & Families

Each individual and family is unique. Each has it’s own goals, values, challenges and concerns.

Below are some topics we address ans services we provide:

Goals-Based Financial Planning

Develop > Implement > Monitor

Retirement Income Planning
  • Longevity concerns
  • Tax implications
  • Market volitility
Portfolio Management
  • Low cost
  • Tax efficient
Education Planning
  • Account options
  • Tax impacts
  • Savings amounts
Charitable Giving
  • Funding vehicles
  • Tax considerations
  • Giving Strategies
Collaborative Partnership

Where appropriate we collaborate with your attorney and CPA for estate planning and tax planning needs.

Retirement Plan Sponsors

We want to help plan sponsors choose the appropriate retirement plan for their business. It can quickly become confusing and complicated. Ensuring sponsors make well-informed decisions is our focus.

We also want plan participants to make well-informed decisions concerning their financial futures.

Services provided include:

Plan Design
  • Maximize owner contributions
  • Optimize participant benefits
Low Cost Investments
  • Keep more of what you save
Participant Education
  • Increase participation
  • Benefits of saving a little from each paycheck
Plan Review
  • Is your plan still appropriate?
  • Already have a plan? Is it the correct one?
  • Are expenses & services appropriate?

Trusts & Institutional

Trustees and institutional leaders have fiduciary oblications. Our office provides prudent and objective investment management.

Our goal is to assist you in advancing your organization’s mission.

Services include:

Investment Policy Design
  • Written policies consistent with your mission
Investment Management
  • Low cost
  • Clear investment objectives
Ongoing Collaboration
  • Active participation in board meetings
  • Ensure policies are always aligned with mission
Performance Review
  • Quarterly review meetings
  • Performance reports that you can read and understand

Second Opinion Review

Are you still on track to financial Freedom?
How about a no obligation financial checkup?